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07-22 July, 2015

Yoga festival - Germany, Yantra sastra workshop

Swami Omkar visit berlin, Germany in July. He gives talks on Vedanta and Yantra Sastra. Two days exclusive workshop for yantra creation. More awaiting satsangs in germany with Swami Omkar..!
25-26 July, 2015

Vedic Medicine

Vedic Medicine workshop makes your think healthy and live healthy. Day to day life awareness to get wellness is the main goal of this workshop. Make your kitchen as a pharmacy and get medicine for all your health issues.
31 July, 2015

Guru Poornima

Worship the guru and guru parampara. Give your thankful to the divinity to get blessings from great gurus.
Aug 17 - Sep 27 2015

Swami Omkar visit Argentina

Swami Omkar giving public lecture on Vedic Medicine, Vedic Agriculture. Learn and get wisdom with swami Omkar in Mantra Sastra and spiritual retreat.