Pranava Peetam is the spiritual organization based on Vedic Science. Astrology is the scientific technique that conquers our awareness. When we not aware about nature of our birth then we can’t progress our material or spiritual life. Karma, Maya, samaskara all this words in Vedanta that still not able to understand for simple human who in darkness. Astrology is the tool to know what that words and how it operates. This Vedic science also used to over come from that Maya and Karma of that individual soul.

Yoga sadana will uplift our body, mind and soul and purify our samaskaras. With help of 27 stars tree, spiritual sadana will improve much better then normal. When a person meditating under the particular star tree, finally that person will be reach the supreme. Based on this Vedic science methodology, our Pranava Peetam is going to establish the model Vedic village. When Jyothis and Yoga both Vedic sciences integrated together, the world becomes divine.