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A spiritual organization based on Vedic Science. Astrology is the scientific technique that conquers our awareness. When we not aware about nature of our birth then we can’t progress our material or spiritual life. Karma, Maya, samaskara all this words in Vedanta that still not able to understand for simple human who in darkness. Astrology is the tool to know what that words and how it operates. This Vedic science also used to over come from that Maya and Karma of that individual soul.


Yoga sadana will uplift our body, mind and soul and purify our samaskaras. With help of 27 stars tree, spiritual sadana will improve much better then normal. When a person meditating under the particular star tree, finally that person will be reach the supreme. Based on this Vedic science methodology, our Pranava Peetam is going to establish the model Vedic village. When Jyothis and Yoga both Vedic sciences integrated together, the world becomes divine.

Vedic Science & Vedic Life

Vedas are not having origin to know when it has established, but Vedic verses containing scientific and spiritual values. So Vedas are called "Annathi" That means Vedas not having starting nor ending origins . Basic core meaning of Vedas are live life integrated with nature. When the life becomes integrated to the nature then that life will always lead the essence of ecstasy. Vedic scripts containing sub part called upa-vedas. From this sub part we are getting auyerveda and Yogic medicine.

These medical divisions are already established in this world through Indian people. Yoga also one of the most important tool for uplift our body, mind and soul. World people accepted yoga makes every one in correct path.Asper Vircksh ayurveda Trees also having capability to heal human life. Integrating Yoga and Vircksh Ayurveda , We can energize a human beings body-mind and Soul.Vedic Tree healing is also from atharvana Veda samitha.

Vedas are illuminating that tree can heal the human illness and problems. We can't imagine treeless world. Life with the help of nature and tree called Vedic life. Vedic life through Planet: Plants are also a living being, this already defined by Dr.Jagajith Chadra boss. Vedic philosophy describe that tree are giving positive things to us and removing negative things. Plants are giving oxygen to us and receiving CO2. This theory looks simple but it containing high valuable Vedic secretes.

A basic truth is universal energy (Pranaa)operating human life. Through breathe every one receiving the energy and integrating that energy with pranic body. Human body doesn't work with out pranic energy. Yoga sutras explaining that pranic body having five divisions. To give universal energy to the pranic body, plants are playing major roll. Plants are the tool to transfer the energy to human body. 27 star galaxies are there in our universe. Each star galaxy is representing one tree. So in earth we are having 27 plants to represents the stars. The name "Plant" came from the name "Planet". These plants are transferring the energy to mankind.

Our research is that these plants will be the useful tool to enrich the human life. These 27 species are available every were. Using natural way of cultivation (using Organic & Panchakavya) these plants are become energy transmitting engine. For example a human affected with a disease, we want to examine his horoscope with scientific astrology and choose a star which give cure for him. we can suggest the person to spend few hours with that star based tree every day in perticular muhurtha. Without eating any medicine that person will get cure.

Because of the planet energy transforms through the tree cure that person. When we are preparing herbal medicine that time, we will use root, stem and leaf parts of that plant. When that part is removed from living plant then it loose pranic energy. But in this above theory tree will always alive and heal lot of people without energy loss. One living body only can heal another living being. This is the core theory of this Vedic script.

An Illustration of veidc life

A person practicing pranayama and Dhyana under suitable tree, then that person can feel the pranic energy.Vedic life contains three major parts. Cow- Plants- human are the three parts. Each part will feed another. This three part feeding cycle called Vedic life cycle. Cow and plants feeds each other. Cow gives panchakavya to plants and plants will give greens for cow. Human are get benefit from both cow and plants. From cow human are getting food. And from plants human are getting pranic energy. Very soon we are going to create a Vedic Village .

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